News and Accomplishments

Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council

Super Raffle 2018 to be drawn May 06, 2018

Prizes Donor
1st Henry Big Boy, .44cal Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council
2nd Henry Golden Boy, .22cal Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council
3rd TC Impact, .50 cal Barnstable County League
4th $250 Cabela’s Gift Card Berkshire County League
5th TC Compass Rifle, .270cal Bristol County League
6th LL Bean $200 Gift Card Franklin County League
7th Garmin Etrex 10 GPS Norfolk County League
8th $250 Dick’s Gift Card Hampden county League
9th CVA Optima, .50 cal Middlesex County League
10th 10’ Surf Rod MA Beach Buggy Assn
11th Tree Stand MA Bowhunters Assn
12th 1 day Fall 2018 Turkey Hunt MA Chapter NWTF
13th Fur Hat Massachusetts Trappers Assoc
14th TC Impact, .50cal League of Essex County
15th Spotting Scope Mike Moss/Worcester F&G

Donation $5.00 each or 4 for $10.00
To get tickets, contact your league delegate, local sportsman club, at the
sportsman shows or send your request to:

Raffle Committee
PO Box 462
Rockland, MA 02370

Council Accomplishments

  • Initiated, drafted, sponsored and saw enacted the “Wildlands Conservation Stamp” bill, providing up to $2 million annually for land acquisition; land which will forever remain open to hunting, fishing and trapping.
  • Worked to defeat several attempts by the State Government to “raid” dedicated Fish & Wildlife funds for use in the General Fund, thus preventing cutbacks in services and programs provided by DF&W.
  • Initiated, sponsored and saw our “hunter harassment” bills signed into law.
  • Initiated, sponsored and saw our “shooting range protection” bills signed into law.
  • Filed, supported and saw enacted legislation for the use of mechanical releases by archers.
  • Filed, supported and saw enacted legislation allowing the use of crossbows by hunters unable, due to medical problems, to draw conventional bows
  • Became the first sponsor and treasury for the Becoming an Outdoorswoman Program of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to introduce women to many out-of-doors activities
  • Nominated members to the Ware River and Quabbin Watershed Advisory Committees (MDC), one regular and one alternate were appointed. Our appointments were to insure that sportsmen concerns were addressed and hunting and fishing opportunities are protected.
  • Filed & worked for passage of the Rifled Barrel Shotgun Bill
  • Filed (Sen Steve Brewer), and saw enacted legislation to clarify the definition of an unloaded muzzleloader
  • Fought for and won restoration of full shotgun season for deer on Mass Military Reservation (Otis)
  • Developed and got acceptance of a $500 MSC “Reward Program” with the DFW and EPO’s, to anyone reporting a hunter not following the rules. A significant undertaking improving the status of all sportsmen to be Self-Regulated.

Ice Safety Reminders

How can you tell if ice is safe?

There are no guarantees. Always consider ice to be potentially dangerous. You can’t judge ice conditions by appearance or thickness alone; many other factors like water depth, size of waterbody, water chemistry, currents, snow cover, age of ice, and local weather conditions impact ice strength.

Ice tips to remember:

  • New ice is stronger than old ice. Four inches of clear, newly formed ice may support one person on foot, while a foot or more of old, partially thawed ice may not.
  • Ice doesn’t freeze uniformly. Continue to check ice conditions frequently as you venture out onto the ice.
  • Ice formed over flowing water and currents is often more dangerous. Avoid traveling onto ice-bound rivers and streams, as the currents make ice thickness unpredictable. Many lakes and ponds may contain spring holes and other areas of currents that can create deceptively dangerous thin spots.

Ice thickness guidelines

The guidelines below are for clear, blue ice on lakes and ponds. White ice or snow ice is only about half as strong as new clear ice and can be very treacherous. Use an ice chisel, auger, or cordless drill to make a hole in the ice and determine its thickness and condition. Bring a tape measure to check ice thickness at regular intervals.

Ice Thickness (inches) Permissible Load (on new clear/blue ice on lakes or ponds)
2″ or less STAY OFF!
4″ Ice fishing or other activities on foot
5″ Snowmobile or ATV
8″–12″ Car or small pickup truck
12″–15″ Medium truck


If you fall in: 

  • Don’t panic: Call for help if there are people nearby.
  • Don’t remove winter clothing: Air trapped in your clothes can provide warmth and help you float.
  • Turn the direction you came from: Ice you previously walked on should be the safest.
  • Place your hands and arms on an unbroken surface and kick your legs: If you have ice picks or a pair of nails, use them to pull yourself up onto the ice while kicking.
  • Lie flat and roll away: Once your torso is on firm ice, roll toward thicker ice to distribute your weight.
  • Find shelter and get warm: Change out of wet clothing and find warm, dry coverings. If you are in a remote area, get to or start a campfire. Otherwise, get to a car or house. Seek medical advice from your physician on medical attention.


Public Hearing on New Dog Leash & Waste Disposal Rules on WMAs


Public Hearing Scheduled February 6, 2018

MassWildlife is proposing leash and waste disposal regulations for dogs on Wildlife Management Areas. A public hearing has been scheduled for February 6, 2018 at 7 PM at the MassWildlife Field Headquarters, 1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, 01581.

MassWildlife proposes to take this action due to repeated complaints from WMA users about negative and unsafe encounters with dogs and dog waste. MassWildlife protects and manages its WMAs primarily for wildlife to thrive and for wildlife-related recreation such as hunting, fishing, and watching wildlife. At the same time, MassWildlife strives to provide a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience for all visitors.

  1. The proposed regulations require leashing dogs and other domestic animals on WMAs. Dogs may be off-leash only when hunting or hunt training with licensed hunters or at permitted field trials. Leashing dogs decreases dog fights and bites to both pets and people, resulting in safe and positive experiences for everyone.
  2. The proposal requires dog owners to pick up dog waste and dispose of it off site. Removing dog waste reduces nuisance and health risks for other dogs, people and wildlife.



Turkey Calling Workshops

 MassWildlife, in partnership with the National Wild Turkey Federation, is offering turkey calling workshops quarterly at MassWildlife Fieldquarters. The turkey calling workshop is a hands-on, one hour class where new hunters can practice their calls with experts! There will be 3 calling rooms, one for box calls, pot (or slate) calls, and mouth calls. Experienced turkey callers will be in each room to help participants with their calls. MassWildlife will provide practice calls or participants can bring their own!

  • Thursday, January 11, 2018 at MassWildlife Field Headquarters (1 Rabbit Hill Road, Westborough, MA 01581) 5:30–6:30 p.m. Space is limited. You must register to attend. Space is only available for the first 40 participants. You will be contacted by email on January 3 confirming you are registered for the calling class. If you click to register and receive an error message, it is because the course is already full. Click here to register for the Turkey Calling Workshop.

MSC Awards

R L Gribbon Award

1997 Moss, Mike MA Beach Buggy Assn
1998 Kennedy, James Bristol County
1999 Pike, Dr Norman Franklin County
2000 Kellstrand, John Plymouth County
2001 Hayden, Dennis “boomer” MA Bowhunters Assn
2002 Zuber, John Berkshire County
2003 Roy, Larry Middlesex County
2004 Harris, Donald Franklin County
2005 Berube, Thomas Worcester County
2006 Caryofilles, Clem Berkshire County
2007 Darey, George F&W Board Chairman Berkshire County
2008 Julius, Randy Plymouth County
2009 Kress, Paul Middlesex County
2010 White, Clifford MA Beach Buggy Assn
2011 Veloza, Michael Barnstable County
2012 Fabroski, John Plymouth County
2013 Gleason, Ronald MA Chapt NWTF
2014 Jester, Mark Berkshire County
2015 Pray, Duane Hampden County
2016 Santoro, Louis Norfolk County


Sportsman of the Year

1998 Harris, Donald Franklin County
1999 Brown, Kenneth MA Bowhunters Assn
2000 Hamilton Jr, George Berkshire County
2001 Fabroski, John Plymouth County
2002 Jester, Mark Berkshire County
2003 Ferreira, Michael Bristol County
2004 Cairns, George MA Beach Buggy Assn
2005 Moss, Mike MA Beach Buggy Assn
2006 Murray, Peter MA Beach Buggy Assn
2007 Veloza, Michael Barnstable County
2008 Filman, Donald MA Beach Buggy Assn
2009 Santoro, Louis Norfolk County
2010 Williams, Paul Plymouth County
2011 Pray, Duane Hampden County
2012 Graves, Donald Franklin County
2013 Bernard, Peter Bristol County
2014 Morris, Scott MA Beach Buggy Assn
2015 Kellstrand, John MA Bowhunters Assn
22016 Mailhoit, Phillip MA Chapt NWTF


Lillian Gribbons

1997 Gribbons, Lillian Worcester County
1998 Hayes, Irene MA Trappers Assn
1999 Sandstrom, Terry MA Beach Buggy Assn
2000 Moss, Sheila MA Beach Buggy Assn
2001 Binney, Carmen “Dee” Plymouth County
2002 Brennan, Paula League of Essex County
2003 Beckwith, Margaret Berkshire County
2004 Tucker, Marge Barnstable County
2005 Horwitz, Eleanor Middlesex County
2006 Hanson, Terry Worcester County
2007 Woodard, Paula Worcester County
2008 Julius, Mary Plymouth County
2009 Hayden, Mimi MA Bowhunters Assn
2010 White, Clara MA Beach Buggy Assn
2011 Veloza, Sheila Barnstable County
2012 Pray, Laurie Hampden County
2013 Paquette, Wendy MA Beach Buggy Assn
2014 Kruszyna, Karen Berkshire County
2015 Wilkinson, Christine League of Essex County
2016 Huseby, Astrid MA Chapt NWTF


Sportsmen’s Senator

1997 Wetmore, Robert Wor, Hampd, Hamps
1998 Brewer, Stephen Wor, Hampd, Hamps
1999 Durand, Robert Middlesex & Worcester
2000 Glodis, Guy 2nd Worcester
2001 Sprague, JoAnn Norfolk, Bristol & Plymouth
2002 Tarr, Bruce 1st Essex & Middlesex
2003 Glodis, Guy 2nd Worcester
2004 Brewer, Stephen Wor, Hampd, Hamps &
2005 Moore, Richard T Worcester & Norfolk
2006 Brewer, Stephen Wor, Hampd, Hamps &
2007 Brown, Scott Norf, Brist & Plymouth
2008 None
2009 None
2010 None
2011 Brewer, Stephen Wor, Hampd, Hamps &
2012 Rodrigues, Michael 1st Bristol & Plymouth
2013 None
2014 Moore, Michael 2nd Worcester
2015 None
2016 deMacedo, Virato “Vinny” Plymouth & Barnstable


Sportsmen’s Representative

1997 None  
1998 Peterson, George 9th Worcester
1999 Tuttle, David 5th Worcester
2000 Gauch, Ronald 11th Worcester
2001 Frost, Paul 7th Worcester
2002 Rodrigues, Michael 8th Bristol
2003 Peterson, George 9th Worcester
2004 Flynn, David 8th Plymouth
2005 carron, Mark J 6th Worcester
2006 Peterson, George 9th Worcester
2007 Perry, Jeffrey Davis 5th Barnstable
2008 Guyer, Dennis 2nd Berkshire
2009 Gobi, Anne 5th Worcester
2010 Gifford, Susan 2nd Plymouth
2011 Gobi, Anne 5th Worcester
2011 Peterson, George 9th Worcester
2012 Kulik, Stephen 1st Franklin
2013 Vieira, David 3rd Barnstable
2014 Beaton, Matthew 11th Worcester
2015 None
2016 Peake, Sarah 4th Barnstable


Past President

1997 Beaudry, Paul Middlesex County
1997 Berube, Thomas Worcester County
1997 Nowak, Paul League of Essex County
1997 Smith, James League of Essex County
2016 Moss, Mike MBBA, MBA Worcester
2017 Harbison, David League of Essex County


Most Active Organization

1997 Norfolk County League
2000 Plymouth County League
2001 Norfolk County League
2008 MA Beach Buggy Assn
2014 MA Beach Buggy Assn


Lifetime Achievement

1999 O’Brien Jr, Edward Plymouth County
2002 Prescott, Carl Wildlife Management Dep Dir Masswildlife
2003 Thurlow, Chris DFW – Central District
2008 Darey, George F&W Board Chairman
2009 Turner, Richard 60 Years Service Masswildlife
2009 Cardoza, James Masswildlife
2011 Horwitz, Eleanor 34 Years Service Masswildlife
2014 Kellstrand, John MA Bowhunters Assn
2014 Lebel, William Barnstable County
2014 Binienda, Rep John 17th Worcester
2014 Peterson, Rep George 20 Years 9th Worcester
2014 Brewer, Sen Stephen 35 Years Wor, Hampd, Hamps &
2014 Studley, Robert Barnstable County
2015 Diodati, Paul Div Marine Fisheries Dir
2015 MacCallum, Wayne Director Masswildlife
2015 Caruso, Paul Marine Fisheries
2015 Sheppard, John Dir, Fishing & Boating Acc
2016 Creedon, John “Jake” F&W Board SE District


Special Recognition

1999 Darey, George F&W Board Chairman
1999 Phillips, John DFG Commissioner
2000 Darey, George Land Preservation F&W Board Chairman
2000 Jones Phd, Gwilym Natural Heritage F&W Board
2000 MacCallum, Wayne Excellence in Wildlife Dir, Masswildlife
2001 Begin, Nancy F&W Board
2001 Tuttle, David Service to Sportsmen MA House of Represent
2002 Turco, Jeff Legislative Achievement
Aide to Sen Glodis
2002 Durand, Robert Secretary EOEA
2003 Horwitz, Eleanor Wildlife Education Masswildlife
2005 Cookingham, Russ F&W Board
2006 Kennedy, James Bristol County/MSDA
2006 Williams, Russell Franklin County
2006 Gibi, Anne 5th Worcester
2008 Kupfer, Charles Worcester County
2008 MacCallum, Wayne Dir, Masswildlife
2008 Kennedy, James Bristol County
2008 Hayden, Dennis “Boomer” MA Bowhunters Assn
2010 Minor, Bill Wildlands Acquisition Masswildlife
2010 Foster, Ernest F&W Board – 20 Years
2011 Woytek, William Lifesaving MA Environmental Police
2012 Brown, Sen Scott U.S. Senate
2012 Fritze, Sue B.O.W. Effort Masswildlife
2013 Pajak, LT John Years of Service MA Environmental Police
2013 English, Julie Delaney Years of Service Asst to Dir Masswildlife
2015 Griffin, Mary Commissioner DFG
2016 Kehoe, Stacey Barnstable County



2001 Lomax Sr, Gordon Auction Donor Charlton Land Clearing
2012 Briggs, Robbie Fishing Trip Donor Barnstable County
2012 Hayden, Dennis “Boomer” MA Bowhunters Assn
2012 Julius, Randy Art & Trip Donor Plymouth County
2012 Kupfer, Charles Turkey Hunt Donor Worcester County
2012 Snyder, Ed Art Donor Franklin County
2013 Moss, Wayne Art Donor Worcester County
2013 Sousa, Frank Hampden County
2013 Julius, Barry Art Donor Plymouth County
2013 Graves, Donald Youth Hunt Donor Franklin County
2015 DellOrto, Arthur Scholarship Assistance Worcester County
2016 Coughlin, John Show Work Hampden County


President’s Award

2000 Abysahl, Clark MSC Associate
2000 Carey, Robert MSC Associate
2000 Kennedy, James Bristol County/MSDA
2000 Lebel, William MSC Associate
2001 Bailey, Robert Hampden County
2001 Matzko, John Hampden County
2002 Caryofilles, Clem Berkshire County
2002 Gribbons, Leonard MSC Associate
2002 Bazycki, Stanley Barnstable County
2003 Murray, Peter MA Beach Buggy Assn
2003 Veloza, Michael Barnstable County
2004 Lebel, William Barnstable County
2004 Pray, Duane Hampden County
2005 Becker, Thomas Middlesex County
2005 Fabroski, John Plymouth County
2005 Kellstrand, John Plymouth County
2006 Stanhope, Peter MSC Associate
2008 Bernard, Peter Bristol County
2008 Century Sportsman Club Hall Use Worcester County
2008 Lebel, William Barnstable County
2008 Bernard, Peter Bristol County
2009 Pray, Laurie Hampden County
2009 Stearns, Al MSC Associate
2010 Fruzzetti, Al Norfolk County
2011 Gleason, Ronald MA Chapt NWTF
2011 Lebel, William Barnstable County
2012 Armburg, Michael Plymouth County
2012 Harbison, Amber League of Essex County
2012 Pray, Duane Hampden County
2013 Birch, Edward MA Bowhunters Assn
2013 Erwin, Michael Plymouth County
2013 Lewis, Charles Barnstable County
2014 Harbison, David League of Essex County
2016 Central MA Chapter NWTF


CCC Recognition

1997 Frankln County League Won the Vote
1997 Berube, Thomas Worcester County
1997 MA Trappers Assn #1 Fund Raising
1997 Kellstrand, John Treasurer Plymouth County
1997 Into the Outdoors Media Support Berkshire County
1997 Hubbard, Ann Bristol County
1997 Berube, Gay Secretary Worcester County


Hall of Fame

2000 Waskeiwicz, Joseph Worcester County
2000 Abate, Francis Norfolk County
2000 Wilder, Erwin Plymouth County
2000 White, Clifford MA Beach Buggy Assn
2000 Walleston, Fran Worcester County
2000 St John, Everett Worcester County
2000 Ryan, Norman Worcester County
2000 Phillips, Dr John League of Essex County
2000 Parker, Milton “Misty” Worcester County
2000 O’Brien Jr, Edward Plymouth County
2000 Kearns, William Middlesex County
2000 Hayden, Jim “Boomer” MA Bowhunters Assn
2000 Harris, Donald Franklin County
2000 Hamilton Jr, George Berkshire County
2000 Hall, Loring Plymouth County
2000 Gribbons, Raymond Worcester County
2000 Bengyfield, George Barnstable County
2000 Babbit, Lou Worcester County
2000 Beaudry, Paul MSC Past President Middlesex County
2000 Kennedy, James Bristol County/MSDA
2001 Darey, George F&W Board Chairman Berkshire County
2001 Begin, Nancy F&W Board League of Essex County
2001 Smith, James MSC Past President League of Essex County
2001 Roche, John Franklin County
2001 Kukonen, Paul Worcester County
2001 Hilstrom, Rudolph Plymouth County
2001 Bonney, Alerton Plymouth County
2001 Decker, John Berkshire County
2001 Burns, Ken Worcester County
2001 Bonney, Carmen “Dee” Plymouth County
2001 Hayden, Dennis “Boomer” MA Bowhunters Assn
2002 Wilcox, George Bristol County
2002 Zuber, John Berkshire County
2002 Driscoll, Richard League of Essex County
2002 Woodard, Richard Worcester County
2002 Woodard, Paula Worcester County
2002 Pearson, Rudy Worcester County
2002 Nichols, Leander Plymouth County
2002 Dwinell, Richard Worcester County
2002 Bailey, Robert Hampden County
2002 Whitaker, Raymond MA Trappers Assn
2002 Giddings, Ted Berkshire County
2003 Abdow, Joseph Hampden County
2003 Konisky, Tony Worcester County
2003 Matzko, John Hampden County
2003 Swedberg, Jack Worcester County
2004 Gbbs, Stan Barnstable County
2004 Miller, Robert Hampden County
2004 Vallancourt, Roy Plymouth County
2009 Carey, Robert Worcester County
2009 Laucis, Al Worcester County
2009 Durand, Robert Middlesex County
2009 Berberian, “Red” Worcester County
2009 Kress, Paul Middlesex County
2010 Fabroski, John Plymouth County
2010 Foster, Ernest F&W Board – Central Worcester County
2010 Minior, William Chief of Wildlands Worcester County
2010 Sandstrom, Richard Plymouth County/MBBA
2010 Sandstrom, Terry Plymouth County/MBBA
2011 Abysahl, Clark MSC Associate
2011 Graves, Donald Franklin County
2011 Horwitz, Eleanor Middlesex County
2012 Veloza, Michael Barnstable County
2012 Caryofilles, Cleante Berkshire County
2012 Roche, Michael F&W Board Franklin County
2013 Kellstrand, John MA Bowhunters Assn
2013 Sousa, Frank Hampden County
2013 Gleason, Ronald MA Chapt NWTF
2014 Moss, Mike Worcester County/MBBA
2014 Moss, Sheila Worcester County/MBBA
2015 Santoro, Louis Norfok County
2016 Berube, Thomas Worcester County


2015 Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council Annual Banquet Photos

2016 Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council Annual Banquet Photos