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Name: Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council Web Master


Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council
PO Box 462
Rockland, MA 02370

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President – John Kellstrand
Vice President – Charles Lewis

Treasurer – John Kellstrand
Secretary – Peter Bernard

About our Logo

An Acorn – The Council’s Logo

This is what the Acorn Logo means and the message it sends!
The color brown represents our great Mother earth and all that she provides for us! However as good as Mother Earth is to us, she needs a partner, So the Golden Yellow represents the Sun and all the light and warmth that it provides!

Together Mother Earth and the Sun provide us with nature and the habitat which the color green represents.

Like all things in nature even we during our life need guidance at times that is what the color Red represent Life and Leadership.

That brings us to the acorn shape, nothing is quite as grand as a big Oak Tree, once a single acorn, so the shape represents Potential to do great things.

When we try to do great things there are always our own ethics to go by and laws that we must abided, the State house dome represents that Legislation we abide by and try to form.

As we try to form our laws to abide by, we must consider all the animals and resources that the Sun and Mother Earth has provided, so the Tree reminds us to be Conservation minded.

The tree in the shape of an old elm, our State tree, reminds us that, just like in the days of old that we must respect the views of others just like the Native Indians and Early American settlers held Council to discuss their differences.

From those early American Settlers and Native Indians we learned about each other, gaining a valuable education, so the Lamp and the Book represents this Education that we all must continue to strive for.

Finally with all of this understanding and education we can only hope to struggle to attain our goals, the Star represents our Struggle for Attainment.

The Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Council Acorn Logo represents our potential!